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Rigging Hardware

Rigging hardware in the lifting industry qualifies as detachable hardware used in load handline applications.  The scope of these products includes shackles, overhaul balls, swivels, wire rope clips, sockets, thimbles, snatch blocks, hoist rings, eyebolts, wedges, ferrules, wire rope pullers and wire rope cutters to name a few.

Shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect wire rope, chain, or synthetic webbing.  The two main types of shackles are screw pin anchor shackles (SPAS) and bolt type anchor shackles (BTAS).  Typically bolt type shackes are used in more permanent applications to prevent pin rotation and conversely screw pin shackles are used when frequent removal is required.

Thimbles are available in a multitude of different sizes and shapes available in galvanized or stainless finishes.  A thimble is used to protect sling material, which includes wire rope and synthetics.

Wire rope clips and fist grips are typically used to create an eye in wire rope where socketing or splicing is not feasible.

Sockets are used to attach steel wire rope to a fixed point.  Sockets are the strongest wire rope fitting and offer 100% efficiency rating.  Generally resins are used to pour in the socket, where the past zinc was used.

Turnbuckles are normally used for rigging or tensioning of wires, ropes, rods, etc.  They are designed for straight in line rigging, tensioning or lashing.  Turnbuckles are offered with various termination configurations such as hooks, eye, or jaws.

Swivels are used to prevent wire rope or chain from transferring their normal twisting motion to the item being lifted.  Thrust bearing swivels are intended for load position, if the application calls for rotation under a load, thrust bearing swivels are required.

Eye bolts, eye nuts , pad eyes and swivel hoist rings are used for lifting machines, appliances and any object that cannot be lifted by hand.  Eye nuts and bolts are fixed, where hoist rings offer different angles for lifting.

Cable pullers are versatile tools which are commonly used on construction sites, for laying of large pipes, installation and adjustments of machines, loading and unloading heavy and bulky goods, tensioning cables, tower erecting, stacking of forest products and the removal of obstacles.

Wedge-Type Ferrules, sometimes referred to as wedge buttons, offer an ability to terminate wire rope without pressing or pouring.  These offer the benefit of standard swage button, while in the field.

Snatch blocks are used in lifting systems, to change a load direction or to drag a load.  Blocks are a connection between the load to be lifted and the lifting device.  Offerings include tailboards, snatch blocks with hooks, snatch blocks with shackles and special application blocks as well.

Mobile Load Testing Services & Inspections

We offer inspections and mobile proof testing services for product verification, break testing, and load testing to ensure compliance for all your rigging hardware including all shackles and pad eyes.  Our mobile proof test services are available throughout the United States.  In addtion to our mobile load testing services we have stationary test beds to service Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming and all surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact one our our industry professionals today at 866-369-9507.

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