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Lifting Clamps

Horizon Cable has a wide range of horizontal, vertical, screwpipe, drum and specialty lifting clamps available from the top manufacturers.  Our lifting clamps are manufactured of the most modern and high resistant types of steel.  Beside the "standard" lifting clamps we have custom made lifting equipment for your most demanding applications. 


  • Correspond to the highest quality demands
  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • Special treatment of the cam and the pivot resulting in higher wear and tear resistance
  • Non-Marking lifting clamps for lifting wood, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  • All clamps bear the CE-Mark and are individually tested with a safety factor of each clamp over 5 times the working load limit (WLL)
  • Working load limit and the jaw opening are clearly marked in the body of the clamp
  • All lifting clamps will be delivered with a manual and original test certificate

How to select the right lifting clamp for your application

For efficient, reliable and secure operation of a lifting clamp, the selection of the correct lifting clamp is critical. Lifting clamps can be used on most types and grades of steel up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell and are suitable for certain grades of aluminum sheet and brass. Lifting clamps are not suitable for steel over 300 Brinell, stainless steel, lead, certain grades of copper and materials over 250 degrees Fahrenheit surface temperature. 

Determining the proper size

The working load limit (WLL) of the lifting clamp should be as close as possible to the actual load to be lifted. This ensures the lifting clamp is working at maximum efficiency, reduce wear, and increase the lifting clamps service life. The maximum jaw capacity of the lifting clamp should also be as close as possible to the plates thickness being lifted. The spring will be stretched to its maximum and will be providing the maximum amount of initial grip to the lift

Determining the proper type

For lifting light sheets, operators should choose a narrow throat lifting clamp. The pad of a narrow throat lifting clamp is closer to the moving jaw, thus increases the initial grip of the clamp by causing the spring to be stretched. 

For lifting thick, but small plates the best solution is larger clamps where the pad side is further away from the moving jaw

For lifting loads of hardened steel, the operator should avoid using clamps with teeth which may damage the load.  Non-Marking lifting clamps should be used instead. 

Mobile Load Testing Services & Inspections

We offer inspection and mobile proof testing services for product verification, break testing and load testing to ensure compliance for all lifting clamps we sell or repair.  Our mobile proof test services are available throughout the United States.  In addition to our mobile load testing services we have stationary test beds to service Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico and all surrounding areas.  Feel Free to contact one of our industry professionals today at 866-369-9507.

  • oil gas industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • construction industry