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Oil & Gas Industry

Bolt Type Anchor Shackles (BTAS)

Complete with bolt, nut and cotter pin.
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Constructex - 9x40 (Swaged)

Swaged to increase wearing surface and density. Long service life due to resistance to scrubbing and crushing. High breaking force. Flexible construction.
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Drill Line - 6x19 & 6x26

Good Combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to peening. Good resistance to wear and fatigue. Long service life when sheaves and drums are of moderate size.
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Fist Grips

Entire clip is galvanized to resist corrosion and rust. Bolts are an integral part of the saddle and the nuts can be installed in such a way as to enable the operator to swing the wrench in a full arc for fast installation. All sized have forged steel saddles. All fist grips are individually bagged or tagged with proper application instructions and warning information. Product meets or exceeds all the requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements. Importantly, the fist grips meet other critical performance requirements including fatigue life, impact properties and material traceability.
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LK101 Swivel

Designed for use on drilling and well servicing rigs as a spinning line and for hoisting lighter loads.
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Peregrine Platinum Series Harness

Industry insiders, in concrete construction, have noted the Peregrine’s seat strap allows workers to sit back on the seat strap and install rebar in comfort.
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Sand Line - 6x7 (Galvanized & Bright)

This construction of wire rope is used where ropes are dragged on the ground or over rollers, and resistance to wear and abrasion are important factors. Given the excellent spooling characteristics and ease of splicing this makes sandline the perfect choice for swab rigs and workover rigs. The wires are quite large and will stand a great deal of wear. In fact, this construction is sometimes called "coarse laid" because of the large wires. The 6x7 classification is a stiff rope and needs sheaves and drums of large size. It will not withstand bending stresses as well as ropes with smaller wires, with the resulting higher percentage of load carried by each wire, a larger factor of safety should be considered with 6x7 cables that with cables having a larger number of wires.
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Swaged Tubing Line - 6x31

Excellent resistance to crushing. High breaking force. Good resistance to abrasion.
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Oilfield Cables, Wire Rope Sales & Service, and Mobile Spooling & Splicing

Since 1980, the dedicated team of professionals at Horizon Cable Service has provided the finest and safest oilfield equipment, with the most respectful and reliable customer service, at the very best prices. Our service includes high quality custom mobile spooling units to keep you up and running.

We make it our mission to have available all the rigging hardware you need for the oilfield. Our customers have come to expect durable oilfield equipment built to handle any rigging situation you need.

Oilfield Industry Supplies at Horizon Cable

Our oilfield supplies list is extensive. It includes the following:

Our mobile fleet is available for emergency dispatch 24 hours a day to ensure our customers the flexibility to meet the demands of today's fast paced market. By having mobile spooling units in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Wyoming we have been able to service the industry needs over the entire United States.

Unmatched Inventory, Unmatched Service for the Oilfield Industry

As a leading distributor of wire rope and other tools for the construction, manufacturing, and oilfield industries, we have one of the most extensive selections of gear in the market. But you don’t build a reputation as the premier wireline service company in the region, just by providing equipment. Our commitment to quality and service remains unmatched among our competitors – year after year.


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