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Manufacturing Industry

Eagle™ Lite Harness

Designed for nonstop comfort, the Eagle™ Series will have your workers motivated to use fall protection equipment. The secret’s in the way it’s made. Craftsmanship, care and pride, with a critical eye to worker safety go into every Eagle™ Series Harness. The world-class design and construction creates “top-of-the-line” comfort for all day wear.
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Manual Chain Hoists

-All chain hoists are load tested to 150% of rated capacity -Meets ANSI/ASME Standards -ISO 9001 and TUV-CE Certified Factory -High quality alloy load chain meets all international safety standards -Spur gear design for efficiency, portability, and economy -Equipped with a mechanical brake for load control in lifting and spotting -Completely repairable with easy access for maintenance -Parts and service available -Rugged steel casing protects gears and bearings -Custom lifts available
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Push Trolley

-All trolleys are load tested to 150% of rated capacity -Meets ANSI/ASME Standards -ISO 9001 and TUV-CE Certified factory -Anti-drop lugs are standard -Sealed ball-bearing wheels -Wheels designed for standard and wide-flange I-beams Load equalizing suspension distributes load to wheels -Custom hand chain lengths available on request
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Quad Leg Wire Rope Slings - 6x19 & 6x37 Bright EIPS IWRC

Quad leg wire rope slings commonly have a mechanical splice / flemish eyes on the end of the body, and are constructed of 4 wire rope assemblies that are attached to an oblong master link. The lifting ends of the wire rope legs can be fitted with a variety of hooks, eyes, or rings to allow attachment to any object. These are designed to lift unbalanced loads. Wire rope slings are constructed of strong high quality steel that is resistant to corrosion, heat, sunlight, and most chemicals. Thimbles greatly improve sling longevity by protecting the wire rope at connection points. Our wire rope slings are custom built to meet your specific needs for any application.
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Standard Lifting Beam

This style of lifting beam can be utilized where headroom is limited and comes with a pair of swivel hooks. Engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2. All lifting beams are proof tested to 125% capacity and certificates supplied upon request.
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Vertical Clamp - TSU/STSU

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Lifting and Rigging Supplies, Custom Lifting Devices & Other Equipment for Manufacturing

Horizon Cable Service provides a full line of lifting and rigging equipment for a range of manufacturing industries. These include custom lifting devices like chain hoists, lifting beams and spreader beams. These lifting devices provide a connection point between a crane and the load being lifted. 

Manufacturing Industry Supplies - Horizon Cable

Lifting Beams

Our lifting beams provide a safe and efficient means of lifting loads with single or multiple attachment points. They typically have a single lifting point on top with multiple lift points on the bottom. All lifting beams are designed in fixed or adjustable lengths. They are manufactured to ASME B30.20 and TTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2 requirements. Each lifting beam is proof tested to 125% capacity for added safety. 

Spreader Bars and Spreader Beams

Spreader bars, also called spreader beams, are one of the most frequently delivered lifting devices provided to manufacturers by Horizon Cable Service. Spreader bars typically have lifting points on top and bottom and additional lifting points on opposite ends.  Like our lifting beams, all spreader bars are designed in fixed or adjustable lengths. However, manufacturing operations now can build their own spreader beams by using specialized spreader beam end fittings along with A53 Grade B schedule 40 pipe. All spreader bars are manufactured to ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2 requirements.

Chain Hoists

We offer both lever chain hoists and manual chain hoists. Lever chain hoists combine effortless operation with a compact, low headroom design that easily handles manufacturing demands. These chain hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the same strength. Manual Chain Hoists combine heavy duty construction with top of the line internal components for the most demanding manufacturing operations.  These chain hoists can withstand rugged, day in and day out use. They are easily maintained and repairable.

Unmatched Inventory, Unmatched Service for The Manufacturing Industry

As a leading distributor of wire rope and other tools for the construction, manufacturing, and oilfield industries, we have one of the most extensive selections of gear in the market. But you don’t build a reputation as the premier wireline service company in the region, just by providing equipment. Our commitment to quality and service remains unmatched among our competitors – year after year.


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