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Horizon Cable, Inc. specializes in the distribution of wirelines for the oil and gas industry. Also known as “slick lines” and “braided lines”, these lines are designed to perform well maintenance services such as depth measurement, swabbing, retrieving safety valves, and data retrieval. These wirelines are available for purchase with varying materials and versions to suit your particular need. Horizon Cable, Inc. can find any type of wireline that you need. Give us a call at 1-866-369-9507 today for more information on our products.

What are the purpose of wirelines, and how are they designed?

As previously stated, wirelines are designed to perform well maintenance services. They have a variety of applications and uses within the oil and gas industries such as safety valve retrieval and data retrieval. The wirelines are designed to fit different types of wells dependent on the material that is used to create the wireline. For example we have plain carbon wirelines that are designed to be used with sweet wells with no corrosive materials. Anything stronger would be unnecessary, so this wireline would not only serve your purposes, but be easily affordable. We also have wirelines for more demanding wells that may have gone sour, so while it would cost more, it would be able to easily resist the corrosive elements of the well, without damaging the wire.

Are there any other types of wires that I can use for this particular situation instead of wirelines?

No. Wirelines are specifically designed to handle the corrosive materials that are generally commonplace in the oil and gas industries. Other wires could easily corrode in this environment, and as a result they would not be ideal to use. Wirelines are perfect for this type of situation. Horizon Cable, Inc. has the solutions for your wireline needs. Please give us a call at 1-866-369-9507 today.

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