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Tubing Line

Horizon Cable, Inc., is one of the premier distributors of wireline products and services for the oil and gas industry with extensive inventory tailored to many diverse industries.

Designed to perform well maintenance services such as depth measurement, swabbing, retrieving safety valves, and data retrieval, Horizon Cable wirelines are available with varying materials and versions to suit your particular needs.

Horizon Cable, Inc. can find any type of wireline that you need for your job. Call 1-866-369-9507 today for more information on our wireline products from one of our experienced representatives.

Wireline Products for a Wide Variety of Oil, Gas Industry Applications

For 34 years, the foundation of Horizon Cable, Inc. has been a sound commitment to extraordinary quality, service and safety. We look forward to providing you with customized solutions for all your rigging and fall protection requirements. With a fleet of 20 mobile spooling units, we have the experience and flexibility to meet your specific wireline needs.

Wirelines serve a variety of applications and uses within the oil and gas industries. The wirelines available at Horizon Cable, Inc., are designed to fit different types of wells depending on the material that is used to create the wireline.

Horizon Cable Wireline Resists Corrosion without Damaging Wire

Horizon Cable, Inc. also has wireline options for more demanding wells that may have gone sour. The wireline from Horizon Cable will be able to easily resist the corrosive elements of the well without damaging the wire. Our qualified and experienced technicians follow strict guidelines that adhere to current industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.

In addition to a full line of wireline products and hardware, Horizon Cable is proud to offer various services to be your total service rigging shop, including troubleshooting and repair, high tension removal and installation, magnetic marking and laser micrometer readings, and much more.

Horizon Cable, Inc. has the solutions for your wireline needs. Call 1-866-369-9507 now to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable representatives.

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