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Well Service Products

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Service Strands - 1x16 & 1x19

Well Service Strands available in two constructions: 1. 1X16 - Conventional 2. 1X19 - Dyform & Dyform Complete
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Slicklines (Well Measuring Strand)

Used for measuring well depths and lowering various electrical and measuring instruments into the well. Available in IPS (Improved Plow Steel), EIPS (Extra Improved Plow Steel), 316 Stainless Steel, and Supa 75 for the most demanding well conditions.
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In the oil and gas industry, wireline service companies use wirelines(also called slick lines and braided lines) to perform well maintenance services.  Well depth measurements, swabbing, fishing, retrieving safety valves or plugs, opening and closing down hole circulating devices, and high speed data retrieval and transmission are some of the uses.  These lines come in a variety of different variations and materials, all based on the specific well conditions.  Horizon carries braided lines in both conventional (1 x 16) and non-conventional (1 x 19) strands. 


Slick Line and Braided Line Grades


Corrosion Resistance

H2S + CO2

Corrosive Elements: Chloride Brine, Salt, etc.

Corrosive Element: Chloride, H2S + CO2

General Comments

Plain Carbon (IPS)


Very poor, may be used in very low h2s (1-2ppm) and co2   (2-3%)with inhibitors

Good – Wire must be cleaned after use to prevent pitting

Extremely poor due to presence of h2s + co2

Recommended for sweet wells

Extra High Strength Carbon (EIP)


Extremely poor, may not be used in any concentration even   with inhibitors

Good – Wire must be cleaned after use to prevent pitting

Extremely poor. May not be used in any concentrations

Recommended for sweet wells where higher tensile strength   is required

Grade 316 Stainless Steel


May be used in concentrations up to 30% co2 with no h2s   present

May be used in concentrations up to 2 to 3 %

May be used in concentrations of co2 up to 30% providing   chlorides do not exceed 2 to 3% and no h2s

This is a economic choice In less severe corrosion   conditions.  Good resistance to general corrosion.

Grade 2205 Stainless Steel


Very good in concentrations up to 35% with no h2s present

Excellent. May be used in concentrations up to 30%

Very good in high chloride + co2 concentrations with no   h2s present

Best choice for heavy demands on Tensile strength in   Medium Sour wells with a h2s partial pressure of 3psi max. Very good   corrosion resistance in chloride environments and good resistance to pitting   and general corrosion.

Grade 25-26 MO


Excellent all concentrations

Excellent. May be used in concentrations up to 30%

Very good

Suitable for sour wells with high concentrations of   chlorides Very good Resistance in chloride environments with h2s and co2   present. Very good resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking and   general corrosion

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