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Specialty Rope Sling Chafe Solutions

Adequate chafing protection is important for synthetic slings, and Cortland offers several different wear protection products.

Plasma 12x12 rope sling construction is highly advantageous for inspection and repair. However, to add extra chafe and cut protection to eye termination areas or on the lsing body itself, Cortland offers a wide array of synthetic fiber options which range by price and performance. Cortland chafes sleeves can be replaced and work well on new or used rope. All options are available from the rope mill or authorized fabrication distributors.

NXT CHAFE SLEEVE – A tightly braided nylon chafe sleeve with proprietary heavy marine polyurethane coating for use in extreme change applications. Excellent choice for eye termination or selected area body placement; braid-spliced or seized in place. Covers rope sling sizes from 24mm diameter through 92mm diameter.

SX CHAFE SLEEVE – combining lightweight, non-water- absorbing properties of HMPE fiber in a tightly braided cover sleeve, SX offer the best cut and abrasion resistance of all chafe gear. SX has a high visibility polyurethane coating. Primary usage is in eye termination protection and can be seized or spliced into 12x 12 construction

SPECTRA-LITE CHAFE SLEEVE – Cortland’s Spectra-lite chafe sleeve is a tightly woven HMPE fiber fabric material. Available in a sewn tube or in a tubular sleeve with a hook and loop fastening system, this sleeve can fit over eye terminations of rope slings, or be placed on the sling body for extra protection against cutting and abrasion. Cortland’s Spectra-lite will not absorb water, is “thin-walled” and very lightweight. It can cover any size rope sling from 24mm diameter and larger. 

Note: NX Plus and NXT chafe protection is also available
in polyester (DX Plus and DXT ) which offfers better chafe
protection than nylon, Other colors available upon request

  • oil gas industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • construction industry