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Oilfield Wire Ropes

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Constructex - 9x40 (Swaged)

Swaged to increase wearing surface and density. Long service life due to resistance to scrubbing and crushing. High breaking force. Flexible construction.
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Drill Line - 6x19 & 6x26

Good Combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to peening. Good resistance to wear and fatigue. Long service life when sheaves and drums are of moderate size.
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Dyplex Riser Line

High breaking force. Increased sheave and drum contact. Excellent resistance to fatigue. Reduced internal contact for greater fatigue life.
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Riser Line

Good Combination of strength and bending fatigue resitance.
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Sand Line - 6x7 (Galvanized & Bright)

This construction of wire rope is used where ropes are dragged on the ground or over rollers, and resistance to wear and abrasion are important factors. Given the excellent spooling characteristics and ease of splicing this makes sandline the perfect choice for swab rigs and workover rigs. The wires are quite large and will stand a great deal of wear. In fact, this construction is sometimes called "coarse laid" because of the large wires. The 6x7 classification is a stiff rope and needs sheaves and drums of large size. It will not withstand bending stresses as well as ropes with smaller wires, with the resulting higher percentage of load carried by each wire, a larger factor of safety should be considered with 6x7 cables that with cables having a larger number of wires.
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Swaged Tubing Line - 6x31

Excellent resistance to crushing. High breaking force. Good resistance to abrasion.
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Tubing Line - 6x26

Combination of flexibility and resistance to crushing. Outstanding resistance to wear and fatigue.
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Sandline is primarily used on well servicing rigs, swab rigs, workover rigs, and pole rigs.  This wire rope is a 6 x 7 construction with large outer wire for resistance to wear with exceptional spooling characteristics which resists kinking and is easy to splice.  Horizon Cable offers import or domestic sand line in 3/8” – 3/4" diameter in a bright or galvanized finish.  New technology in the sandline market has now allowed the production of swaged sandline exclusive to Horizon Cable Service.  We also have a fleet of 20 mobile spooling units for onsite installation and service work for any of your sandline requirements.


Swaged Tubing Line is typically used in the oilfield as a wire rope for workover rigs and well servicing rigs.  This tubing line wire rope is a 6 x 31 construction with excellent resistance to crushing with high breaking force and good resistance to abrasion.  Horizon Cable offers import or domestic swaged tubing line in 7/8” – 1 1/8” diameter.  Additionally, we have the expertise to install or removed this wire rope offering with the use of our portable spooling equipment to better serve our customers.


Constructex manufactured by Bridon American has a wide variety of applications including well servicing rigs and boom hoist crane rope to name a few.  This 9 strand wire rope is a 9 x 40 construction which contains 3 different stand constructions.  Constructex 9 x 40 has excellent resistance to crushing and abrasion due to the ropes compact design and increased steel content.  The flexible construction offers good bend-fatigue life in most applications.  Horizon Cable Service offers Bridon American’s Constructex 9x 40 in 5/8” – 1 5/8” diameter.


Drill Line used in oilfield applications in typically used on rotary drilling rigs.  This wire rope is a 6 x 19 or 6 x 26 construction offering the combination of strength, flexibility and resistance to peening.  Drill line offered by Horizon Cable Service also boasts good resistance to wear and fatigue with long service life when sheaves and drums are of moderate size.  Horizon cable offers drill line in both import and domestic in 1” – 1 3/4" diameter with continuous lengths up to 10,000 feet.


Tubing Line is primarily used on well servicing rigs and workover rigs in oilfield applications.  This wire rope is a 6 x 26 construction offering flexibility, resistance to crushing and outstanding wear a fatigue.  Horizon Cable offers tubing line in diameters ranging from 3/4" – 1 1/8”.  Call us today to schedule installation or removal of your tubing line with the use of our mobile spooling units nationwide.

Mobile Load Testing Services and Inspections

We offer inspections and mobile proof test services for product verification, break testing, and load testing to ensure compliance for all oilfield wire ropes we sell and install.  Our mobile proof test services are available throughout the United States.  In addition to our mobile load testing services we have stationary test beds to service Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico and all surrounding areas.  

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