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High Performance Wire Ropes

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Python® Compac 18 (strand compacted) Rotation Resistant for Multi-Layer Drums

Python® Compac 18 wire ropes are more resistant to the effects of drum crushing than 19x7 due to the compacted strands and smoothness of the rope surface. With 18 strands of 19 wires in all sizes, Python ® Compac 18 remains extremely exible and easy to handle.
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Python® Compac 35 (strand compacted) Non-Rotating Wire Rope

This rope is constructed from 16 outer die-drawn strands over 12 inner die-drawn strands. The compacted Lang Lay strands reduce interlocking while spooling onto multiple layer drums as well as inter strand- and inter layer nicking. This rope is suited to be used on tower cranes as well as european made mobile crane models.
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Python® Construct-6 (swage compacted) Crush Resistant Boom Hoist Rope

Python® Construct-6 is a swaged rope which is constructed from specialty made engineered and sized 6-strand wire rope.
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High Performance Wire Rope

Steel Wire rope is a very complex machinery element which primary function is the transmission of tensile forces.  Its basic constructional design allows repeated changes in the direction of pull through reeving systems incorporating drums and sheaves.  General purpose wire ropes  have been developed and standardized in national and international standards .  However the increasing demand for higher breaking strength, greater flexibility, better rotation resistance , and extended rope life cannot be met by such general purpose steel wire rope constructions.  Horizon Cable is a stocking distributor for Python Wire Rope, which through research, development and engineering  over many years has developed  rope constructions that have significantly improved operating life.  There are vast array of applications that Python Wire Rope can be installed by Horizon Cable Service in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota and New Mexico to improve service life. Below are a few of the proven applications for our high performance wire ropes:

  • Overhead Cranes
  • Scrap and Grab Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Boom Hoist Lines
  • Winch Lines

One benefit to High Performance Wire Rope is the increased breaking strength over standard wire ropes.  This is achieved in the manufacturing process by compaction processes.  Standard ropes are drawn which create a round outer circumference, but compacted ropes have flat outer service.  The two types of compaction are STRAND COMPACTION and SWAGE COMPACTION.  Strand compaction is the most popular, in this process the compaction is applied to the individual wires, where the swage compaction is applied to the entire wire rope itself.  Both have their advantages for particular applications. 

Rotation resistant ropes can fall under three different classes Spin Resistant, Rotation Resistant, and Non Rotating.  In all of these types of wire ropes the outer layer is twisted opposite for the inner layers.  Rotation resistant and spin resistant ropes will have one inner layer, while non-rotating lines will have multiple inner strands rotating a different direction from the outers. 

Although Horizon Cable markets all types of Python  Wire Ropes there are three main ropes that are currently in stock.

Construct 6

6 strand high strength swage compacted rope that is perfect for applications that require a crush resistant rope to be used in multi-layer winding systems; e.g. boom hoist on lattice boom mobile and tower cranes

Compac 18

Python Compac 18 is recommended for bot multipart load and single part applications where medium rotational stability is needed.  Use as main and auxiliary hoist line on Grove, link belt, Manitowoc, Terex and other us made mobile and truck cranes.  Also used very successfully as a pulling rope on underground cable pulling winches.

Compac 35

Main and auxiliary hoist line for European type mobile  and for all types of construction tower cranes which require a high strength rotation resistant rope construction.  Excellent rotation resistant properties make this rope the preferred choice for all single and multiple line reeving systems.

  • oil gas industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • construction industry