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Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes Oklahoma City

Horizon Cable, Inc. specializes in the creation and distribution of wire ropes. The wire ropes vary in both complexity and configuration so that they are able to suit any support purpose. Wire ropes are available in several types of materials, such as iron, steel, stainless steel, and high carbon steel. Horizon Cable, Inc. has all of the wire rope you could possibly need. For more information, call 866-369-9507 or use the Quick Quote tab on the right.

What types of wire ropes does Horizon Cable, Inc. offer?

The following are types of wire ropes that we offer:

  • General Purpose Wire Ropes
    • Offers 5 main classifications of wire ropes, all of which can be used effectively for any purpose that would require them.
  • High Performance Wire Ropes
    • Wire ropes that have increased strength and durability that are used for applications such as overhead cranes, winch lines and boom hoist lines.
  • Oil Field Wire Ropes
    • Wire ropes that are used specifically on oil rigs. They have excellent resistance to crushing, excellent durability and are able to be easily spliced if needed.
  • Well Service Wire Ropes
    • These ropes are specifically designed for well maintenance services in the oil or gas industry. There are many types of wire ropes available that can suit your specific well maintenance need.

What are the components that comprise wire ropes?

Wire ropes usually consist of three main components. The wires to form the strand, multi-wire strands and the core. The core is the foundation of the rope, which serves as the main support for the wire rope. The strands act as secondary support. A rope can have any number of strands, but it needs a minimum of two strands to constitute a strong wire rope. Dependent on the need, the wire ropes are structured to fulfill the specific task. If you are in need of wire ropes, Horizon Cable, Inc. has the answer for you. Call 866-369-9507 or use the Quick Quote tab on the right.

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