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Wire Rope Slings Oklahoma City

Wire Rope Slings - Oklahoma City

Wire Rope SlingsHorizon Cable Inc offers wire rope slings for the Oklahoma City area for construction, lifting, safety, towing, strapping down, and more. Wire Rope Slings are available in single, double, triple, and quad leg configurations for multiple anchoring points and even weight distribution or redundant safety precautions. Wire rope slings are available from Horizon Cable in for the Oklahoma City construction and utility industry.

Our Wire Rope Slings are used mainly for handling awkward pieces being lifted or as a weight distribution equalizer. When a single line is attached to a load, if that line fails, the complete failure possibility is 100%. Where as, a wire rope sling with multiple legs that can have 2, 3, & 4 legs decreases the complete failure possibility by 200%, 300%, and 400%. When lives and expensive equipment and property are at stake, using a wire rope sling is easier, safer, and just the right choice.

Wire rope slings are especially useful for getting in and around narrow spaces and small openings where an alloy chain would not be able to fit. There are a wide variety of gauges of wire rope slings to choose from depending on breaking strength. There are also some lightweight, compact wire rope slings designed for high strength low weight. Also included with improved light weight materials is a larger price tag. While more expensive, light weight wire rope slings can benefit the operators using them with less strain and more flexibility with thinner leg stands.

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