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Lifting Chains

Lifting Chains from Horizon Cable

Lifting ChainsLifting Chains are lengths of chain that are used to support heavy objects during overhead lifting. Our lifting chains are known to be able to hold great amounts of weight, and are made of incredibly durable materials that can withstand the strain of both the weight of the object that it is supporting, and to be able to withstand the environment. We have lifting chains that can serve any, and all of your overhead lifting purposes.

What Type of Lifting Chain Should I Buy?

You should buy lifting chain that can fulfill all of your needs, and last you a long time. The main aspects you should consider when purchasing a new lifting chain are:

  • The material that it is made of
  • The length of chain that you need
  • The weight of the chain itself
  • The breaking force of the chain
  • The weight of the object that you are trying to lift

These are the most important considerations that you need to make when buying a lifting chain. Our lifting chains are made of steel alloys that can hold tremendous amounts of weight, and not corrode over time. Our smallest lifting chain can hold up to 4 tons, and our most heavy duty chain can withstand the weight of 180 tons.

Are there any other alternatives to Lifting Chains?

In this particular case, no. When lifting lighter objects, you can use a polyester strap, however when it comes to lifting objects that are several tons, you should opt to use a lifting chain. Although lifting chains are heavier, and are designed for construction vehicles to use, there is no better alternative than lifting chains when it comes to heavy duty lifting and lasting for a long time. We can supply you with any lifting chain to fulfil your needs.

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