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Chain Slings from Horizon Cable

Chain Slings from Horizon Cable

Horizon Cable carries a variety of chain slings to choose from in different working load strengths. Our chain slings are designed for overhead lifting and since they are made of chain, they are abrasion, cut, heat, and tear resistant. Depending on the required lifting capacity, our chain slings can range from 7/32” to 1-1/4”.

What is the Advantage of Chain Slings

The most notable advantage of using chain slings over webbing or nylon slings is their ability to be repaired, if they are ever damaged. A chain sling is compartmentalized into links, if one or two happen to break, those two links can be easily replaced bringing the sling to 100% operational. When you use webbing or nylon based lift slings, and they tear or are damaged, they can’t be replaced or repaired to 100% capacity, not ever. The cost savings of almost never having to replace chain slings versus any other sling device is worth it.

What are the Negative Aspects of Chain Slings

The strength to actual weight ratio on chain slings is the lowest compared to other sling materials. The chain is a solid metal alloy and it’s dense and heavy. Yet, chain slings are the most durable, and the most long lasting of all the sling materials available.

Options for Chain Slings:

Chain Slings from Horizon Cable

  • Single Leg Chain Slings
  • Double Leg Chain Slings
  • Triple Leg Chain Slings
  • Quad Leg Chain Slings
  • Specialty Chain Slings

Our chain slings can be fabricated with grab hooks, sling hooks, foundry hooks, and self-locking hooks if requested. Also, all of our chain slings include heavy duty engraved tags in compliance with OSHA requirements and ASME B30.9.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Chain Slings from Horizon Cable, please call us today at 866.369.9507.

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