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Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes Oklahoma City

At Horizon Cable, Inc. we provide a variety of wire ropes for a wide array of purposes. We provide general purpose wire ropes, high performance wire ropes, oilfield wire ropes and crane ropes. Our ropes are comprised of three basic components: wires that form the strand, multi-wired strands that surround the core, and the core itself.

Our ropes also come in different grades such as Improved Plow Steel, Extra Improved Plow Steel and Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel. The curve of the plow steel forms the basis for calculating the ropes strength in most cases. For more information on our wire ropes, give us a call at 866.369.9507 today.

Ropes We Provide

We offer our general purpose wire ropes with five main classifications. Each rope is distinct and will provide an advantage in its distinctive purpose. Our general purpose ropes are typically applied in oilfields, heavy haul trucking, forestry and more.

Our high performance steel wire rope is a complex machinery element. Its design allows for repeated changes in direction of pull through reeving systems incorporating drums and sheaves. Our high performance steel ropes offer higher breaking strength, more flexibility, better rotation resistance and longer life over general purpose wire ropes.

Sand Lines or oilfield ropes are primarily used on well servicing rigs, swab rigs, workover rigs, and pole rigs. These wires resist kinks, have great spooling characteristics and are easy to splice.

Crane Ropes are designed for exactly what they are called. What makes a difference in these ropes, however, is the installation. If crane ropes are not installed properly, you may not attain the maximum life of the rope. Here at Horizon Cable, Inc. we have trained and specialized crane installers and unique crane installation equipment. With an expensive crane rope inventory, we guarantee we have stock of crane rope for nearly all makes and models.

Wire Ropes Distributed by Horizon Cable, Inc.

Horizon Cable, Inc. has been in the business of distributing and providing wire rope for almost all needs and jobs for almost 40 years. For more information on our wire ropes and other products, call us at 866.369.9507 today.

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